Tomb of Horrors (Super Adventure)

The Garden of Graves

In ages past, the tomb was raided by a group of adventurers more cunning than the rest. They circumvented the traps, overcame the obstacles, bested the guardians, and outsmarted even the very creator of the tomb itself. On this fateful day the evil behind the tomb was destroyed, but the tomb itself still lingered, drawing brave and bold adventurers from all over into it’s depths never to return.

Now the magic that gave the original tomb life has tainted a sacred burial ground in the Feywild. How are these two unrelated locale’s connected? And what greater threat does this taint represent? Only by discovering the truth behind the Garden of Graves will the heroes have any chance of stopping the taint before it spreads too far. The clock is ticking, and a new evil is plotting, but do the heroes have any hope when they are surrounded by crazy fey, insidious traps, and Asmodeous’ devils, all who have one thing in common…

…to kill you.


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